Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta’s mother has said that she didn’t cut off ties with him because of his sexuality. Vikas had said in an earlier interview that his mother and brother distanced themselves from him because they were embarrassed of him, and that their relationship soured after he came out as bisexual.

In a statement posted on social media, his mother, Sharda Gupta, wrote that it is inconceivable to imagine that she would disown her son because of his sexuality. She said that the family had been accepting of his orientation, but was forced to distance itself from him because no one wanted to ‘paint a bad picture of him in the media’.

She captioned her post, “Patience has its limits. If you don’t fight for what you want, Don’t cry for what you lost. Krishna (Bhagwat Gita).”

She wrote, “To think that we actually distanced our own (son) for his sexual orientation is equal to making a derogatory statement about my family. Yes, my son and I are not on great terms but that has nothing to do with his orientation.”

Vikas’ mother continued, “We had cut off ties with him much before he decided to come out in public, and we knew and have always loved him and accepted him the way he is. So the news about us distancing him because of his choices is a complete hoax fabricated to one’s convenience. But sometimes, when you give too much love, you risk being taken for granted. Unfortunately, we distanced ourselves from him but despite that, we maintained silence because unlike him, we didn’t want to paint a bad picture of him in the media.”

She added, “This matter would have never reached this far had my son not decided to cast aspersions against us. We had decided to give him due respect, but he couldn’t allow us our peace, which as a family, is our defeat. This would be my first and the last statement on the same as I don’t intend to carry on with this blame game and I would request everyone to understand and give us the respect and privacy we deserve. Thank you.”

In an interview to The Times of India earlier this month, Vikas had said, “My brother Sid and my mother left my home some time ago, things had gone very bad after I disclosed my bisexuality to the world. My family finds it embarrassing to have me around them. They don’t want to be seen with me.”

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In a recent episode of Bigg Boss, Vikas expressed his regret at the way things have turned out between him and his family. He said, “Yahan aake realise hua ki main maa se bahut pyaar karta hoon. Mere chote bhai se sabse zyaada pyaar kiya, wahaan pe galti hui. Meri maa chin li, mere papa 30 saal se mere saath nahi the. Sirf baad mein aaye the, jab ye sab hua, dekhne ki main zinda hoon ya nahi (After coming here, I realised that I love my mother too much. I loved my brother the most but that was my fault, he snatched my mother. My dad did not visit me for 30 years and came back only to see if I am alive).”

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