Gul Panag is quite the fitness enthusiast, and while staying indoors on account of the coronavirus pandemic has made all of us lazy couch potatoes, Gul seems to have made the most of this down time and upped her fitness routine. The Pataal Lok actor is constantly posting inspiring videos of herself exercising and keeping fit, be it carrying her son Nihal on her back as she climbs stairs or most recently, doing push-ups in a saree. Gul recently took to her Instagram handle to share a video of herself doing push-ups in a beige-coloured cotton saree with dark brown motifs printed on it and a dark brown blouse. Gul wore a bindi and gold chain around her neck, and looked like she was inside her trailer in between shots. Gul captioned the post, “Whenever . Wherever!”, and the hashtags did suggest she was on set.


A previous video showed Gul being very cutely interrupted by her son and pet dog as she did push-ups, she captioned the video, “May we all scale the various obstacles in the life long path to fitness, however cute they may be.”


Push-ups seem to be one of Gul’s more favoured form of exercise, and in October she had posted about the different forms of push-up she does. She posted a video of herself doing the exercise with the caption, “Narrow stance. I get a lot of comments on the ‘form’ when I post push up variations. They key is to do multiple variations of forms, friends. So in addition to the primary pectorals, one can train biceps, deltoids and trapezius too. So there’s technically no one correct form. The military push up is what most folks identify as the ‘correct’ form.”


In a video from July, Gul is seen doing push-ups as her pets Gina and Vegas laze around next to her, and her song Nihal plays in the background. She wrote, “If there’s one exercise I could pick for its benefits , it would be the push up. Over the last few months, I’ve used a combination of different variations of pushups, squats and planks to keep fit. Body weight . No weights . And I’m fitter, leaner and stronger than ever before.”


She went on to add that those who train professionally say, “one must do a variety of variations in the form of a particular exercise to activate all muscle groups and fibres. The push-up although primarily for pectorals , can also be used to effectively train triceps, biceps, deltoids, trapezius and even lats.”

She then explained that in the video she was doing “the narrow, elbows tucked in , stance. It activates the biceps and triceps in addition to the primary muscle group – the pectorals. A wider stance works the deltoids . A pike push-up works the traps, deltoids and lats. The diamond one ( that I can’t do) is the hardest. Incline and decline push ups train different sections of the pectoral muscle group. All can be done at home.” She concluded with sound advise, “Start small. Set realistic goals , and work your way up.”

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