The Mekong River delta, known as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, is home to beautiful flower villages. These are prime tourist destinations in the Southeast Asian country.

The largest flower village in the Mekong Delta region is Sa Dec, in the Dong Thap province. This village is 100 years old and is the largest flower supplier in southern Vietnam. Its residents earn a living mainly by growing flowers and ornamental trees.

Considered the floral capital of the Mekong Delta, Sa Dec is home to around 2,500 floral varieties. These are grown across a total area of 600 hectares according to local newspapers.

Flowers grow all year round in bamboo baskets on elevated racks above water in Sa Dec.

Flowers are a key part of Vietnam’s biggest national holiday, Tet, the Lunar New Year festival.

Flowers from Sa Dec are used to decorate homes and public buildings throughout the country during this time and it is said to be the best time to visit the flower village.

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