Have you ever had someone do something nice for you unexpectedly? Or seen a stranger doing something sweet without expecting anything in return? Such people usually bring smiles to people’s faces. And it’s usually the little things people do that help you understand how they are.

A question about nice things people do and signs that clearly tell if someone is a good person was posted on Reddit and people have shared some wonderful answers for it.

“What are some oddly specific signs that someone’s a good person?” reads the question on the ‘Ask Reddit’ subreddit. Posted on October 29, the post has received over 32,000 upvotes and several comments from people.

Redditors have shared several answers to this question.

“They keep the trash with them until they find a dustbin,” posted an individual. “They wait for you when you bend down to tie your shoes,” wrote another.

Here are some more answers:

 “How they treat animals when no one is looking. Especially stray animals and wildlife,” commented a Reddit user.

What do you think of this question? How would you answer it?

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