WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows users to mute specific chats forever. Earlier, the instant messaging platform had the option of temporarily muting someone for a maximum period of a year. However, this new option will help users to restrict notifications from a person or a group permanently. While people received this new update with much gusto, there were some individuals who took a route of hilarity to express themselves. Tweeple can’t stop sharing memes n this new development and truth be told, they’re hilarious.

Here’s someone who imagined how relatives will react to this new update. They shared a meme featuring a scene from the comedy-drama Panchayat.

This person shared a scene from the movie Om Shanti Om featuring Shah Rukh Khan to showcase their happiness:

“Wow. I can now mute a chat forever,” wrote this individual and shared a scene from the animated film Kung Fu Panda. Quite interestingly, the meme is something that many would relate to.

What would you say on your family WhatsApp group following this update? This Twitter user gives a clue:

Here are some more memes on WhatsApp’s mute chats forever update which may make you giggle hard:

This new feature is available on WhatsApp’s Android apps, iOS apps, and web version. The other two options, besides the permanent mute feature, are eight hours and one week mute options.

What would you tweet?

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