Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa on Thursday said that the government would bring in laws on interfaith marriage and against cow slaughter in the state.

The CM said that women were being lured to convert in the name of love and that strong steps would be taken to enact a law to prevent this. “We are discussing with our party leaders as well as with officials to put in place an effective law to prevent such instances,” he said.

To be sure, religious conversion is protected by law and is a state subject. While a bunch of states already have laws in place that make conversion through inducement,or deception an offence that invites a jail term, the RSS and a few BJP-ruled states want laws that specifically deal with conversion through interfaith marriage.

BJP national general secretary C T Ravi in a tweet had recently said that on lines of Allahabad HC’s order, Karnataka will enact a law banning religious conversions for the sake of marriage.

The CM also pointed out that an anti-cow slaughter law implemented by the BJP government in 2008 had been repealed by the subsequent Congress government. “This time we will bring an even more stronger anti-cow slaughter law.” He however did not indicate a timeline on when these laws would be implemented but said it would be done ‘soon.’

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