In an incident, that can very well be a part of any horror movie, a woman found an uninvited guest inside a gingerbread house she ordered. It’s a huge spider. Katie Gompertz, hailing from Australia, took to Facebook to share the images with the world. And now, the pictures have left many scared.

“Wait Woolworths this isn’t what I ordered? Only in Australia, only in #2020. Buy a readymade gingerbread house they said, it’ll be easier than building one they said! Seriously I don’t say this often but: why me?” she wrote. The post is complete with three images of the creature. One of the images also shows the spider around an egg sac inside the box.

Take a look at the images and if you’re not a fan of the eight-legged creatures, then this post may leave you scared:

Since being shared, the post has gathered tons of comments from people. While some expressed that they’re scared, a few also commented about the spider’s beauty. Some people took the road of hilarity while expressing their reactions.

Among those who reacted was the company too from where Gompertz purchased the product. They apologized and addressed the situation in quite a witty way.

“Oh no Katie – this critter just wanted a home, but this is definitely not the right one for her! Thanks for letting us know, and we apologise for the scary surprise. After all, it’s Christmas, not Halloween. Please feel free to return the gingerbread house to our store service desk for a replacement – one without an added houseguest!” they wrote.

“No! No! No!” wrote a Facebook user. “She has an egg sac as well. You’re going to be a grandma,” joked another. “So random, but please don’t hurt the spider. Just pop her outside with her egg sack. She won’t cause you any harm,” shared a third.

How would you react in such a situation?

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