Scrolling through social media, you may have seen many different maternity photoshoots. However, chances are you may not have seen a maternity photoshoot this adorable. These pictures feature a pregnant doggo and are too delightful to miss.

The post was shared on Reddit by the doggo’s foster pet parent ‘caitiesfosterfam’. “Maternity shoot for my pregnant foster dog,” says the caption on Reddit. The woman added in the comments section that she hoped more people would be inspired to foster pets seeing these wonderful pictures.

“My main goal of posting these it to encourage more people to foster, so my job is done,” she wrote. In another comment, she shared the doggo’s story. “My sweet foster girl was rescued from the streets when we found out she was pregnant. She may have gotten knocked up while on the streets, but she’s going to be a spoiled girl from now on!” she posted.

Take a look at the happy doggo below and don’t miss the unique ultrasound picture included in it:

Within 11 hours of being shared, the post has collected over 88,000 upvotes and lots of happy comments from people.

“Well this is absolutely stupid. I definitely haven’t been staring at this awwing over it and now wanting a pregnant foster dog. Pffft. That’d be stupid… Googles foster dogs near me,” wrote an individual. “Well, I just can’t handle this cuteness!” posted another. Truth be told, neither can we.

“This is the best pregnancy photoshoot ever,” shared a third. “This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all year,” posted a fourth.

Some also wrote, “Speaking as an ultrasound tech, this puppy’s is my favorite fake ever”.

In case you’re wondering, the doggo, named Lily is in labour. If you want more updates, check out ‘caitiesfosterfam’ on Instagram.

What do you think about the photoshoot?

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