If you have been around the Internet, you must have heard the jokes about ‘things you cannot find after searching for hours but your mom can in just a few minutes.’ There are many to whom this has happened over and over again. Now, an Instagram post has come up with a reason as to why that happens. It’s something which may leave you with a warm heart and giggles.

Posted on mother with the signs’ Instagram profile the image shows Poonam Sapra holding a placard with a few words written on it.

“Socks, keys, that t-shirt and wallet — she always knows where you’d keep it before you keep it there, bachhas”, reads the post’s caption. Take a look at what it says:

Since being shared, the post has gathered close to 25,000 likes and tons of comments.

“‘Nothing is lost until Mom (I) can’t find it.’ That’s the infamous saying in our home,” shared an Instagram user. “Aww hehe yes absolutely true!! Also cos kids have buttons not eyes,” joked another. “Sometimes I believe Moms would have found the Hocruxes earlier than Harry Potter,” wittily said a third.

What do you think of the post?

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