There are some animal videos on the Internet which are so adorable that they may make you want to squeal and babble. This clip shared on Cincinnati Zoo’s official Instagram profile perfectly fits that category. It shows a super cute porcupine named Rico. Beware! The cuteness factor of the animal is so high that you may end up falling in love with it.

“You’ve all fallen in love with Rico by watching him snack on his favorite foods. How do you feel about watching him drink?” the zoo wrote and shared the video of Rico. We won’t give away much, take a look to see what the video captures:

Since being shared, the video has gathered close to 29,000 views and tons of excited commented. People couldn’t stop talking about the cuteness of the creature. There were some who wrote how much they love Rico.

“He has the boopest boop if there ever was a boop,” aptly wrote an Instagram user. “I love him so much, my heart hurts!” shared another. “He’s so cute no matter what he’s doing,” posted a third. “He is so adorable,” commented a fourth.

What do you think of Rico’s video?

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